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Welcome to St Josephs Adolescent School. Whether your child is attending our school in St Vincent's or in 44 NGGS you are very welcome to our site. Here you can find some information out about our school.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT) is interested in our daily life. Anything meaningful we do during our day, such as getting up in the morning, hanging out with friends, listening/playing music, watching/playing sports or going to school/work/college etc.
The OT looks at what we are doing or not doing during the day and how this affects our recovery.  We can take part in groups or one to one time with the Occupational Therapist to set and achieve goals that are important to us.
Art, cooking, music and relaxation are some of the activities we can do to help us relieve stress, build our routine, cope with our emotions, balance our life style (family, friends, school, routine, health, etc), and develop life skills, such as making friends, organising our time and team work. All these can help our recovery and everyone's is different.  
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