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What We Do

Contact with students

As teachers, we see students on a daily basis where we assess, teach and draw up Individual Education Plans to suit the needs and strengths of each student.  Through our teaching, we seek to enhance the skills of each student - curricular and extra-curricular.  Before discharge, we help the students to plan the return to their own school or a suitable alternative setting by advising them on strategies that can ensure a smoother transition back.

Contact with parents

From the first week students attend St. Joseph's Adolescent School, we contact parents to let them know we are here for them and the student.  We get feedback from the parents as to how the student was before becoming unwell.  When the student is ready to return to regular school, we advise parents on the best way to make the transition.

Contact with schools

With parental and student consent, we contact schools to get their feedback on how the students presented while in their regular school.  This gives us more information on how the students were before becoming unwell which allows teachers to better plan for the students return to regular school.  We request school reports, timetables and any reports from educational psychologists, speech and language therapists etc.  Once a student is ready to return to school, we contact the school and make recommendations on what would ensure a better school return for the individual student. 

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