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16 Year old Boy

There is always going to be a battle.  But it's not about how fast you win that battle or about what's waiting on the other side.  It's about facing it with HOPE, FAITH, COURAGE and PATIENCE!

16 Year Old Girl

It will be over soon.  Just work hard and talk to the staff.  Be honest and talk whenever you can... This is only the beginning.  Things can change and will change.  Just have faith.

17 Year Old Girl

I'm so happy to be leaving but at the same time I'll really miss some of the staff I have met during my stay here.  

At first I hated it here but once I settled in, I realised that everyone is here to help and they really do want the best for you.  It might sound stupid but I really think this experience has made me a better person.  I've learned so much and I know that if I can overcome this low point in my life, I can overcome anything!  

17 Year Old Boy

'When you are going through hell, keep going!'


You have to believe its going to get better.  You'll be out of here and getting on with your life in no time.  

Thank you so much for helping me!

17 Year Old Girl

To St. Josephs:

Thank you for everything you've done for me over the past 8 weeks.  You were all always there for support and advice.  Thank you for everything.  You all changed my life for the better.  I don't know where I'd be without your help :D

17 Year Old Girl

Coming here I was terrified but now I'm so happy I did.  From the first week on I found hope and strength I didn't think possible and now I'm leaving having accomplished so much here.  I didn't think I could do it and I'm leaving knowing I can get through this but only I have the power to make me better.  The help and support I got here from the staff was incredible and I'm so grateful.  Thank you all so much.  St. Josephs is a life changing place and it's all the people that work here and do everything for the patients that makes that possible.  So thank you all again for helping me change my life and overcome my illness. 

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