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The School Day- What to expect

What to expect at our day hospital service, 44 North Great George’s Street

If you attend our day hospital service, you will go to North Great George’s Street in Dublin city centre. Our school day here is from 11.45 – 14.15. There are three classes a day with a 15-minute lunch break included. Here, you will bring your own belongings and lunch. Two teachers attend on a daily basis and we do our best to vary subjects and activities as above.

What to expect at our inpatient service, St Joseph’s Richmond Road, Fairview

Our school day is 9.30 - 14.30. There are five classes a day. You will get a mix of curricular subjects, support around learning & careers, and fun! When you start, you will be assigned a key teacher. A key teacher is the person who will discuss all aspects of your schooling with you. Your input matters greatly. You will also be given a folder which you bring to school daily. If you have your own school books, feel free to bring them! A nurse accompanies students to school and stays onsite for your needs. We sit together in the common area for snack break and social time. 

On occasion, you may have to attend appointments with other staff members during the school day as part of your care.

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