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Finding your pace:
The teachers aim to help and advise us on how mental health issues affect learning. The teachers support us on finding our own personal pace. We get time to learn on a one to one or small group basis. Teachers offer us a chance to catch up on work which we may have missed or help us to enhance talents we have or are interested in.

Getting back to education:
Teachers will contact our school only when we and our parents give permission. They do this in order to help put in place supports we may need getting back to school.  They also support us and our parents to find other educational placements if necessary.
Getting a break from the ward:
The school at St.Joseph's offers us a chance to relax and provides a stress free learning environment. Each day there is something to do that is academic and/or vocational. The school offers projects and practical work in Art, Woodwork, Science, Music, PE and Home Economics, which gives us a chance to improve our social skills and practical skills. For more academic young people there is a wide range of subjects like, English, Irish, Maths, German, Computers, Career Guidance, Geography, Biology and History.  The school sometimes invites external speakers to talk about topics which are important to us. It also offers us education and leisure outings.

Going to school in St.Joseph's helps us to relax and learn how to cope with getting back to our own school.
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