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Three doctors (psychiatrists) work in the unit. The psychiatrist decides on which medication is suitable to treat our illness (sleeping problems, eating problems, mood and anxiety problems).

The doctors explain our treatment. They give and explain diagnosis based on what we tell them, the way we behave on the ward and how we may have behaved in the past. They organise physical examinations to check our physical health and gather important past medical information.

The doctors offer advice on different aspects of illness, e.g. managing voices, learning to cope with our feelings and dealing with suicidal thoughts.  The aim is to get us feeling better as quickly as possible. The doctor lets us know about side effects of medication (e.g. increased appetite) and monitors these.
The doctors keep regular contact with us and our parents to let us all know whats going on. The doctors also meet with our parents/carers to see if everything is ok at home, at school and with our friends. They want to make sure we are safe within the family and work out if any family problems exist which might help everybody understand what's going on. They also offer our parents advice on how to help us and what to watch out for as we recover.
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